Science/Enrichment, Ashford School, Ashford, CT

Summer Science

Be a scientist this summer!

Grades 1-3, choose one task;
grades 4 & 5, choose 2 tasks:
1. Explore a science topic that interests you and tell what you learn and what questions you have. How you explore it is up to you! You might keep track of how many monarch butterflies you see and visit the online monarch map, how the sunset time changes each night, or the leaves you find and identify on a hike. You might keep a journal, write a letter, keep a log, or label a collection.
2. Go outside and observe something in nature over a period of time. Write down what you are observing, any changes you see, and your questions and observations. Draw a picture and label it.
3. Conduct a science experiment and write what you observed and learned: Your question or topic, your observations, and what you learned from the experiment.
4. Read a non-fiction science book and write a review: title, author, what it was about, and if you liked it.
This should be handed in to Mrs. Moran or your classroom teacher during the first week of school in September.