Science/Enrichment, Ashford School, Ashford, CT

Sound Experiments

5th graders are learning about sound energy in enrichment and science. We will be experimenting with pitch, volume, and timbre and creating several instruments such as pan pipes, a sound sandwich (below), and a string guitar.
Instruments/NY Philharmonic
Breaking a wine glass
Peter Whitehead, Inventor
Sound game
Vibration & pitch
Animal hearing
Sound wave clips
Music in the forest

Pan Pipes
As an extension to a unit on sound, students in 5th grade made pentatonic scale pan pipes from pvc pipe. We then adjusted our pitch and tried playing a "mosquito duet." According to a recent story on National Public Radio, during mating, mosquitos' "hum" is close to a perfect fifth- females at about a G, and males at about a D. So, the girls played the G, and the boys a D. (I can't say we attracted any mosquitos!)
mosquito mating
Peter Whitehead inventor