Science/Enrichment, Ashford School, Ashford, CT

Worms Recycle!

This month, 2nd graders are practicing vermicomposting (feeding food scraps) to worms. We have Eisenia foetida, or the "Red Wrigglers" in our bin. These worms can eat up to 50% of their own body weight in organic matter per day! Worm compost, aka worm poo, is rich in nutrients and microorganisms. We will be feeding them our lunch scraps (fruits and veggies) and watching them grow, make soil, and lay eggs!

Worms are the biggest decomposers in the bin but they can’t do it alone. They actually eat the microorganisms that eat the food scraps. For cool pictures and info about the other critters in our bin you can go to:
About worms